I just got home from a little Brooklyn trip. I had a blast and thought I would share a few photos and words.

Greenpoint Tattoo Co. is a beautiful shop and I was so glad that they agreed to have me sit in for a few days. Everyone there was very helpful and accommodating. The shop is filled floor to ceiling with great hand painted flash. As soon as I entered the shop I felt comfortable and ready to get to work.

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photo 1-1I was excited because I hadn’t seen my friend Mark Cross in a little while and it was nice to catch up and work along side him again. Mark also opened a new gallery while I was in town. The space is called Muddguts and is located at 41 Montrose Avenue in Brooklyn. The soft opening was on Friday, November 15th and featured the photography of Sandy Kim and a secret performance by Mac DeMarco. The gallery is opened Tuesday-Sunday 2pm-8pm. I suggest you check out the space, they have a lot of exciting things in store for the future.

 Picture 1Here is a pin up tattoo I did for my good friend Eric while I was at greenpoint.


Jason Phillips was traveling with me on this trip. He sat in over at Smith St. Tattoo. It was cool having a buddy along for the trip. We had a lot of hang out time and were fortunate enough to catch a really great show in Manhattan. We went to see his friend Dave’s band Wylelife perform at Bowery Electric on the lower east side. Dave is a great front man, he has a ton of energy and a classic voice to lead this awesome young band. Wyldlife reminds me of all the good things about early 70’s punk rock, great show guys.

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 Also on this bill was Walter Lure of Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers. I had no idea what to expect of Walter’s performance when I first arrived. Sometimes, old guys performing their classic hits can be a little sad and somehow lacking the power and immediacy of their original incarnation. This could not be further from the truth in regards to Walter Lure when we saw him. It was epic. It was the kind of thing that felt like a once in a life time event for me. The hair stood up on the back of my neck as he launched into classics like, Chinesse Rocks, Get off the Phone, Born to Lose, and All By Myself. To be a basement venue on Bowery listening to these songs performed by one of the original members of the Heartbreakers was really life changing. 70’s punk rock New York must have been amazing.

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On our last day on the east coast we headed down to Washington DC for Tattoo Paradise‘s 10 year anniversary party and mini tattoo convention.


There were so many guest artists in attendance sitting in to do tattoos. The list is almost too lengthy to mention but I’ll try; Greg Christian, Deno, Chad Koeplinger, Ron Henry Wells, Steve Byrne, Nick Colella, Erik Gillespe, Beatdown, Frog, Tomas Garcia, Marina Inoue, Rob Hamilton, Jon Mirro, Mike Lucena, Josh Egnew, Bj Betts, Matt Bivetto, Christos, Jason Scott, El Monga, Glennie, Gordie Jones, JSwed, Cory Rogers, and Grant Cobb are some of the people there throughout the weekend.

The back room was filled with Matt Knopp’s amazing tattoo flash collection as well as many guest artsist as it could hold.

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 I got to catch up a with many old friends and meet a handful of new ones. Deno was in attendance making magic.

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All in all it was a fantastic trip, I met a lot of amazing tattooers, saw some great bands and ate more pizza then I probably should have. I hope I can make it back to the east coast sometime in the spring. Till next time…..