I’ve been steadily painting 11″x 14″ flash sheets for about 5 years now. I really feel connected to the tradition of flash painting and it helps me stay busy and productive when I’m not tattooing. It is also great practice, it helps me refine designs down to their essential components. By drawing and redrawing designs until they are ready to commit to the page I learn what is necessary and what isn’t in designing a tattoo. The shading also tells me a lot about the design. A lot of times shading the image will also help me eliminate  unnecessary lines. I’ve found over the years doing flash like this has actually increased my tattoo speed as well. When I’ve spent so much preparation time with a design I learn all of its intricacies, the design is committed to memory, both mental and physical muscle memory. So when it comes to actually tattooing it all the mental prep work is done and I can just concentrate on putting the design into the skin.

I feel like when people pick my flash they really are getting one of the best tattoos I can do.

Here are some of the sheets I’ve done this year. All of these designs are at the shop an available to be put on any time you are ready. Come on in and pick a winner.

Here are all the original sheets I still have in my possession dating back to 2008. Many more have been traded away.

Here is a sheet I traded away, would love to do that biker skull.


Here’s a sheet with some great creeps sourced from my old D&D’s monster manual


This sheet was painted for my good buddy Justin Shaw for his shops 10 year anniversary.


This sheet was halloween specials but can be put on anytime.


And a sheet I just finished yesterday.