First of all I’m going to be tattooing in LA, August 19-22nd.  I have a couple of spots left on Monday the 19th and Thursday the 22nd. Please email me with your tattoo ideas ASAP for an appointment.

Now a little Hawaii recap….

We just returned from the Pacfic Ink and Art Expo in Honolulu, Hawaii and it was a packed show. Jason, Alex, Jay and myself all did a good number of tattoos and sold a fair number of machines, t-shirts, prints as well as original flash and paintings. I want to thank our hosts at Loyalty Tattoo, particularly Kaleo who made sure we had everything we needed and more all weekend long.

busy booth

Lyle Tuttle and Clay Decker came by and hung out at our booth throughout the weekend, sharing knowledge and entertaining us with stories.

lyle and clay

And here are a couple of the tattoos I did during the convention



After the convention came the real fun stuff. We visited the  location of Sailor Jerry’s shop old shop on Hotel St.


Adrian Sanchez, Jay Watkins, Jason Phillips and Alex Matus

And we also paid our respect at Jerry’s grave


Next up, we payed a visit to Lance McLain’s Dragon Tattoo. If you don’t know who Lance is, look back through all your old Tattoo Times. Lance worked China Sea Tattoo with Mike Malone after Sailor Jerry’s death from 1976-1980. He is one of the proud few in Sailor Jerry’s linage being apprenticed by Mike Malone. Lance was super welcoming and pleasant with us on our visit. We got to hear a number a great stories and he even gave us some priceless life advice as well. I learned so much on our short visit I really want to come back soon and get a tattoo from Lance. His lobby is filled with both hand painted flash and classics from Malone, Irons and more. If you are anywhere near Wahiawa I highly recommend dropping in and getting work from this living legend.outside dragon tattoo

lance holding court

He spent time talking to all of us who came on the visit and even had some great advice to the ladies there who were crazy enough to get mixed up with tattooers like us.
girls laughing at lanceHawaii was amazing, there was so much we got to see and do that I’m still processing and decompressing from the trip. Thanks to all our customers and all the great tattooers we met on this trip. Till next time, Mahalo!