If you’ve been reading my blog for a while I’m sure you have heard me talk about Sacred Rose Tattoo. The original Sacred Rose was in the mission district of San Francisco, it sat at 491A Guerrero Street. I was the counter guy there for some time and it’s the building in which I fell in love with tattooing. The shop was opened in 1999, and I worked there around 2002-2003.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 8.59.21 AM

Karen Roze building out the shop.

Karen Roze was my boss there. And to this day I consider her one of the best and most inspiring bosses I’ve ever worked with. She was a woman who opened a successful tattoo shop in an extremely male dominated business, and she did it in 1990’s San Francisco. San Francisco was a mecca for tattooing, tattooers and tattoo collectors. Karen had a lot of balls. She was also a fair boss, threw bitchin’ Christmas Parties for her employees and when I told her I wanted to leave my counter job in an effort to pursuit an apprenticeship with another tattooer in the same town, she gave me her blessing and I got a severance check when I left!!!! A SEVERANCE CHECK, that has never happened to me in tattooing. But it happened with Karen Rose.

Paul Taylor in the shop as I remember it looking when I worked there.

Fast forward about 12 years and 491A is home to a new business. Lis Goldschmidt and I have been friends for close to 20 years.  She knew me when I worked the counter at Sacred Rose and she’s been tattooed in that building as well. I’ve always known Lis to be a kind, creative, intuitive, healer and artist. She opened 5 Pins Project  almost two years ago as a healing arts center. She practices acupuncture, and herbal medicine there, in addition to hosting bi-monthly art shows in the space.IMG_4570

Lis came to me with an idea to curate an art show at 5 pins that would in some way pay homage to the spaces’ previous incarnation as a tattoo shop. She approached me and we started brainstorming. What I came up with was asking people whom I had direct contact with at Sacred Rose, that had influenced me in as an artist to contribute to a group show. I wanted to make the show personal in some way and pay a bit of gratitude to the people who helped form me as a future tattoo artist. I also didn’t want to put on another tattoo flash show. So I asked a select group of people who I worked with at Sacred Rose to contribute some of their personal art work. I didn’t want things that they made for clients and I didn’t want things that were necessarily intended to be made into tattoos for other people. I was interested in what these artists do in their free time for themselves. I was interested in the things these people created for themselves.

I’ve asked Karen Roze, Bryan Randolph, Greg Rojas, Paul Taylor, Jenn Lee, and Clifton Carter to show work with me at 5 pins Project, 491A Guerrero Street San Francisco, CA. 94110 on Friday, August 7th 6-9pm. I think it’s going to be insightful and inspiring. So please come on out and see what they’ve created.

I am  personally going to be showing part of a series of client portraits that I’ve been painting in black ink and watercolor.  Here is a sneak peak of the rough drawing for one of the paintings I’m doing for the show. See ya there.IMG_4638