Next week I will be doing a quick tattoo trip up and down the west coast. Here are the dates I’ll be traveling.

November 8th-9th: Seven Seas Tattoo, San Diego, California

November 10th-11th: Rick Walters World Famous Tattoo Parlor, Sunset Beach, California

November 12th-13th: American Electric Tattoo Co., Los Angeles, California

November 14th-15th: Lombard Street Tattoo, Portland, Oregon

If you’d like to make an appointment please email me ASAP at

I’m almost full for LA but have time most other locations. I’ll also be traveling with 3 small travel books of line drawings for my clients to choose designs from. The books are hand drawn and one of a kind. Each tattoo in the books will only be done once. And all designs are my drawings from flash sheets I’ve produced over the last year.

See ya in a city near you soon….